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Wylita Clark Professional Legal Services
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Wylita Clark has regularly appeared in the courts of Ontario throughout her 25+ year legal career.


Wylita Clark has conducted thousands of cases and dozens of appeals.


Wylita Clark's knowledge of how Judges think assists her in crafting persuasive arguments.


Wylita Clark has an enviable record of winning cases.


In 1998, after years of working on Bay Street, Wylita Clark established her own firm bringing vast, “Bay Street” experience to the small community of Kawartha Lakes.


She has previously advised and represented the Government of Ontario as Crown Counsel.


Wylita Clark has prosecuted criminal cases as an Assistant Crown Attorney in the busy Toronto Region.


Throughout the legal community, Wylita Clark is recognized as an experienced and skilled advocate.


She is respected by Judges and colleagues.


Having Wylita Clark's experience is an advantage to our clients in all aspects.


She is a tough negotiator on your behalf.


We believe that the best outcomes are achieved through our firm's vast courtroom experience with over 25+ years of exceptional results.


Our clients are skilled

with the facts;

we are skilled with the law.


Our experienced legal team is dedicated to helping our clients achieve excellent results.


Having our dedicated, aggressive lawyers working for you can be the difference your case needs.

Areas of Practice


Family Law​

Criminal Law​

Employment Law​

Estate Law

​Environmental Law​​​​​​​​​

Our Team


When you are seeking legal advice and representation, experience can make all the difference to a positive outcome.


We have the experience to guide you through the complex and confusing legal maze – and to achieve the results you deserve.


Wylita Clark Professional Legal Services Corporation provides our criminal and family law clients with Dedicated, Professional and Aggressive Legal Representation.

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