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Our Firm

A Top Tier Law Firm that Offers Bay Street Law from the Historic Carew House in Lindsay, Ontario.
Ms. Clark has been seen giving Legal Commentary on Television and in Canada's Major Newspapers. 

Wylita Clark Senior Lawyer


Wylita Clark has more than 25 years of experience appearing in the courts of Ontario.


Wylita Clark is respected for her advocacy skills and sound legal advice. She has transferred the skills she gained prosecuting hundreds of serious criminal cases to develop a successful litigation law firm.


Wylita Clark's experience in conducting hundreds of complex trials is unmatched by most lawyers in private practice.


Wylita Clark considers it a privilege to be entrusted with helping clients through a very challenging time in their lives as they deal with difficult legal matters.


Wylita Clark understands the personal toll that legal matters take on clients and works to help ease those concerns as much as possible.


Wylita Clark has built a successful legal team to deliver effective and efficient legal results for our clients.


Wylita Clark is also trained in Collaborative Family Law and can help parties reach a settlement with their respect and dignity intact.


Wylita Clark can assist clients to develop an Estate Plan including provisions for management during periods of incapacity and the establishment of Trusts.


Wylita Clark is very experienced in Estate Management, Estate Litigation, and Guardianship Applications.


Wylita Clark completed her Bachelor of Law Degree at Windsor Law School. She completed her studies towards a Masters of Law Degree at Osgoode Hall Law School.


Wylita Clark's undergraduate studies in Psychology and Criminal Behaviour have helped her appreciate the human side of clients’ issues.


Wylita Clark is very active in the community.


Krystal Smith Law Clerk

Krystal if well versed in her position, yet she is very patient and caring in the processing of our clients legal needs in a very difficult time in their lives.

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